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  1. Defining God's Wrath
  2. The seven seals
  3. Five Truths About the Wrath of God

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But tragically, everyone, because of the depravity of their heart, is trying to suppress the truth about His existence. The greater the suppression of the knowledge of God, the greater will be the wrath of God upon that person. This presupposes that there will be more wrath for some than for others.

The greatest wrath will be reserved for those who have heard the truth of the gospel, but have rejected it. All this says, if you are going to hell, do so from a remote place where the gospel is not being preached. Do not go to hell from where there is an abundance of gospel witnesses.

Defining God's Wrath

Hell will be hotter for people who have heard it repeatedly, but blatantly reject it. Such people are playing church, or they keep hopping from one church to the next. They keep flipping through the dial and listening to the next television preachers. But they are never born again.

They never come to faith in Christ, because they never come to the end of themselves. They never humble themself before God and repent of their sin. The greatest sin is rejecting the greatest revelation of truth concerning the existence of God Himself. When God is repeatedly refused, that life comes spiraling down into judgment.

This rejection of the knowledge of God is far worse than even the sin of immorality. It is far worse than the homosexuality, lesbianism, and the rest of the licentious sins mentioned in this chapter. This awaits those who are myopically living for themself. These worship at the shrine of the unholy trinity: me, myself, and I. This is not a tame, moderate wrath of God, but the passionate, heated vengeance. The exercise of this wrath is not a little push into hell. Once sinners are in hell, they will be made subject to the relentless pounding of the vengeance of God without end.

This is not self-inflicted punishment in hell. Nor is it the devil inflicting this wrath. It is the omnipresent God, who is present even in hell, inflicting this unmitigated fury. Sinners in hell will only wish they were separated from God. The answer to this rhetorical question is, no, God is not unrighteous.

This wrath is well-deserved. It is not capricious, nor is it undeserved. It is entirely just and equitable. It is necessary.

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There is one more truth I want to show you here. That word gar introduces a reason or explanation for what preceded. Paul is a logical thinker, who is linear in his reasoning. He thinks in a straight line, from one to two, to three, to four. Great teachers are not circular in their rationale, but are linear, like a laser beam.

Their mind works in a straight line that is easy to follow. They think with consecutive thoughts, not launching off into the wild blue, chasing every stray thought. Paul is such a linear thinker, who stays on a subject. Why is Paul so eager? That is why Paul was so eager, because the gospel that he will preach will explode in hearts and turn them away from sin and idolatry. The gospel is that explosively powerful. We then ask the question: Why is the gospel so powerful? Why is the gospel so necessary?

II. The wrath of God and its relation to other doctrines

This is why we must believe the gospel. It is why we must preach the gospel, and why we must bear witness of the gospel. Even if a person never hears the gospel, when they die, they do so under the wrath of God. They go to hell and suffer for the countless sins that they have committed throughout their entire life. We must take the word of God to everyone, because whether you have heard it yet or not, they are already under the wrath of God with no way of escape apart from the gospel.

This wrath of God is the necessary reaction of the holiness of God against all that is unholy.

A holy God hates all sin and must punish it. A holy God must damn sinners, or He, the moral Judge of the universe, is indicted with the same crime. God must punish all sin wherever it is found. This is why Paul was so committed to the gospel, he was building his case for the necessity of the gospel.

The seven seals

This is the opening verse of this first section in the epistle, in which Paul builds an insurmountable argument for the universal need for the gospel. The people are so sincere in their alternate religions. Are they not seeking God? They are running away from the one true God. They have invented their own gods, because they do not want to deal with that which is made known to them about the true God. They are not running to God, but away from Him. There is none who seeks for God, not one.

In other words, only lies come out of their mouth. Their feet are swift to shed blood. This is his diagnosis of the human race.

Five Truths About the Wrath of God

That is a sobering truth, but it is nevertheless reality of his life before God. This is why the gospel is so precious and necessary. Salvation is not rescuing the sinner from a meaningless existence. It is not delivering him from a bad job.

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It is not saving him from having personal insecurities. It is not saving him from being unhappy with himself. This great salvation is accomplished through the life and death of His Son, Jesus Christ, offered to sinners without cost. He took this wrath to Himself upon the cross. When Christ bore our sins in His body, He suffered the wrath of God upon our sins.

As a result, there is not one drop of wrath left for those who put their faith in Christ. There is no divine wrath left for us because Christ has taken it to Himself. The personal impact of of this should be to produce humility, thankfulness, and praise to God in our hearts for what God has done for us in His Son Jesus Christ.

This rescue from eternal wrath should put all our temporal problems in proper perspective. In comparison to this divine wrath, you do not have a problem of any lasting significance in your life. You may have a few issues, but your supreme problem has been resolved. This is the enormous issue in your life. It is for you to be made right with God, and for you to escape the wrath of God that will be unleashed upon sinners.

If you have committed your life to Christ, the biggest issue of your life has been taken care of.