Is God Listening?

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Still, many others are left wondering if God even hears them when they pray.

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How about you? Do you pray?

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Does God answer you when you do? They ask God for health, and sickness comes; they ask for help with their finances, and a financial crisis arises; they pray for the healing of a family member, and the condition appears to get worse. If God wants to communicate with us and help us, why do so many people struggle with receiving answers to prayer? You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss.

Faith Brings A Reward Good communication is always important, especially in your relationship with the Lord. Simply put, prayer is a conversation between you and God. He speaks to you through His Word and the inner witness of the Holy Spirit. You communicate by talking to Him just as you would talk with any close friend. And if you believe He exists, do you believe He is able to answer your prayers? Not only is this a great promise, but it also contains two very important keys to prayer.

In fact, every prayer you pray should have these two things in common. Always pray to God the Father, and always pray in the name of Jesus.

Is God Listening? - Two Minute Message

It was for my sake! She began to fear for her family and tried to protect them from pain.

Is God Listening? What if He Doesn't Answer?

In the midst of it all, God taught her about His true character. Miriam grew up in a Christian home, but when her brother lost his faith, she began to doubt. She finally decided to totally commit to Christ and began making a difference in her school and community. In this true story, parents Steve and Jeanne share their struggles after their police officer son, Danny, was shot in the line of duty. Kelsey sees soccer as her ministry. She is able to share the hope that she has in God with her teammates. When one of her fellow soccer players shared a serious struggle, Kelsey was able to minister to her through prayer.

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Is God Listening? : Rick Shelton :

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When tragic and painful events unfold in your life, do you wonder where God is?

Why am I seeing this message? Your account status is. You can update your billing information here. Is God Listening? Related Content. Trust God Always As a baby, Jordyn was diagnosed with a cancer that the doctors said would inhibit her from every having children.

God, Are You Still Listening?

Repeated Tragedies Karen lost her brother and father in a tragic accident when she was very young. Handling Best Friend's Suicide In this dramatic, real-life story, Tyler shares the pain he experienced when his best friend Ashley committed suicide. When God Provides After his son had a bad experience in public school, Erik began to pray for different options for his kids.

I know this is a true statement for myself as well. I love the Lord because He hears my cries. I admit my shallowness in this, but just as a child loves a parent that is attentive to their needs, I can appreciate loving my heavenly Father because He is a good dad who hears my cries. He is aware, and He is helping us. And quite honestly, we love Him because of that. This past week I read again the story of Hezekiah in Isaiah Hezekiah was faced with an incredible, life-threatening challenge.

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  8. The army of Sennacherib, King of Assyria, had been destroying city after city. Sennacherib and his army now threatened Jerusalem. You have made heaven and earth.

    Therefore they destroyed them. God heard and answered this heartfelt prayer and powerfully rescued Jerusalem and Hezekiah from this threat. You can read on in Isaiah 37 to find out the amazing deliverance. And reading on into Isaiah 38, you will find more answered prayer as Hezekiah pleads with God to extend his life, and God does! They are experiences still happening today in the lives of Christian believers worldwide. I have my own stories, and I am sure you have yours too!

    For instance, each of my children have had near brushes with death.