Longarm #276: Longarm and the Denver Executioners

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  1. Longarm and the Widow's Spite (Longarm, #) by Tabor Evans
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Longarm and the Widow's Spite (Longarm, #) by Tabor Evans

Longarm Longarm and the Scorpion Murders. Longarm Longarm and the Widow's Spite. Longarm Double 4. Longarm Longarm in Paradise. Longarm Longarm on a Bloody Vendetta. Longarm Longarm and the Horse Thief. Longarm Longarm and the Amorous Amazon. Longarm Double 1. Longarm Longarm and the Montana Madmen. Longarm Longarm and the Bank Robber's Daughter. Longarm Longarm and the Grand Canyon Gang. Longarm Longarm in the Valley of Sin. Longarm Longarm and the Sidesaddle Assassin.

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Longarm Longarm and the Blackmailers. Longarm Longarm and the Dead Man's Tale. Longarm Longarm and the Lady Laywer. Longarm Longarm and the Golden Goddess. Longarm Longarm and the Rancher's Daughter. The character has also appeared in associated Marvel merchandise including animated television series, movies, video games, clothing, toys and trading cards. Chris H.

It featured a fictional Chicago wire service reporter—Carl Kolchak, played by Darren McGavin—who investigated mysterious crimes with unlikely causes, particularly those that law enforcement authorities would not follow up. These often involved the supernatural or science fiction, including fantastic creatures. Although the series lasted only a single season, it rapidly achieved cult status and has remained very popular in syndication.

As of , it airs late Saturday nights on MeTV. The new series was a ratings bomb and was quietly ca. There were six series and seven Christmas specials over a period of eleven years from early to late The first five series were broadcast between January and January For the next five years, the show appeared only as Christmas specials, followed by one final series in The series features the exploits of Victor Meldrew, played by Richard Wilson and his long-suffering wife, Margaret, played by Annette Crosbie. Wilson initially turned down the part of Meldrew and David Renwick considered Les Dawson for the role, until Wilson changed his mind.

Set in a typical suburb in southern England, Victor takes involuntary early retirement. His various efforts to keep himself busy, while encountering various misfortunes and misunderstandings are the themes of the sitcom. Horrible Histories is a series of illustrated history books published in the United Kingdom by Scholastic, and part of the Horrible Histories franchise. He then became a theatre director and began to write plays for children. Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust is a book by American writer Daniel Goldhagen, in which he argues that the vast majority of ordinary Germans were "willing executioners" in the Holocaust because of a unique and virulent "eliminationist antisemitism" in German political culture which had developed in the preceding centuries.

Goldhagen argues that eliminationist antisemitism was the cornerstone of German national identity, was unique to Germany, and because of it ordinary German conscripts killed Jews willingly. Goldhagen asserts that this mentality grew out of medieval attitudes rooted in religion and was later secularized. The book challenges several common ideas about the Holocaust that Goldhagen believes to be myths.

These "myths" include the idea that most Germans did not know about the Holocaust; that only the SS, and not average members of the Wehrmacht, participated in murdering Jews; and that genocidal antisemitism was a uniquely Nazi ideology without historical a. This is a list of protagonists and antagonists from British author Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider series.

This includes characters from the novels, the film, the graphic novels, and the short stories. Main antagonists Ash Anthony Sean Howell, more commonly referred to as Ash his initials , is a major character in Snakehead. When John went undercover within Scorpia, Ash was assigned to monitor his progress from a distance in case his friend got into difficulty.

Ash was chosen to lead the mission to "capture" John, when he and Yassen Gregorovich were sent to kill a target in Malta. However, the mission was a near total disaster; due to confusion with two clocks that were out of sync, John and Yassen's arrival took Ash by surprise. When Yassen shot Ash, his body armour meant that he was back on his feet in seconds, but this prompted Yassen to fatally shoot four other agents under Ash's command. Ash furiously pursued Yassen, but was. Keith Miles born is a writer of historical fiction and mystery novels. He has also written children's books, radio and television dramas and stage plays.

Career Miles was born and educated in South Wales.

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His first series, written under his own name, featured Alan Saxon, a professional golfer-turned-amateur detective. After four books, Miles's publ. Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction is an American television anthology series created by Lynn Lehmann, presented by Dick Clark Productions, and produced and aired by the Fox network from to The viewer was offered the challenge of determining which are true and which are false. At the end of the show, it was revealed to the viewer whether the tales were true or works of fiction.

The series was hosted by James Brolin in season one and by Jonathan Frakes in seasons two, three and four. The show was narrated by Don LaFontaine for the first three seasons and by Campbell Lane for the fourth and final season. Each episode of the show, as well as all stories within, were introduced with a pun or some oth. Guy Newman Smith born 21 November, , Hopwas, Staffordshire is an English writer best known for his pulp fiction-style horror fiction, though he has also written non-fiction, softcore pornography, and children's literature.

Biography Smith's father was a bank manager, his mother a pre-war historical novelist E. His mother always encouraged his writing and he was first published at the age of 12 in The Tettenhall Observer, a local newspaper. Shooting hunting has always been an interest of Smith's, and he would have liked an apprenticeship in the gun trade. Not acceptable to his father, Smith's first job was in banking. In he designed and made a bore shotgun, and during operated a small shotgun cartridge loading business.

List of authors in the Executioner series

In he launched a second hand bookselling business that would eventually become Black Hill Books. First published in , the story was adapted into six films starring Tomisaburo Wakayama, four plays, a television series starring Kinnosuke Yorozuya, and is widely recognized as an important and influential work.

Tommy Lee Jones born September 15, is an American actor and filmmaker. Marshal Samuel Gerard in the thriller film The Fugitive. His other notable starring roles include Texas Ranger Woodrow F. It originated in with the novel Sabriel and has continued in the novels Lirael and Abhorsen The series has continued with the prequel novel Clariel , and the latest installment of the series, Goldenhand, was released in October Omnibus editions in the U.

First Volume. Third Collection. Nye Eventyr. Tredie Samling. Second Volume.