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  2. Cream Tea Scones
  3. Best-ever cream tea scones - YOU Magazine

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  • How to make English Scones:.

This recipe is the best scone recipe ever. Easy to do and fantastic results every time, thank you! Hello, if i make these scones and keep them in an airtight container will they still be nice the next day?

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  5. Or a are they good to freeze once made? Also if i do make them one day and use the following day and want to serve them warm, would i just pop them in oven for afew mins? Scones are really best if they are eaten on the day that they are made. However you could try freezing them once baked, when you want to use them simply thaw and then pop in the over for a few minutes if you want them warm.


    I find 10 seconds in the microwave renews the freshness as ongoing as you eat them straight away. Wrap well individually if freezing and do it as soon as possible after cooking and cooling. Can I freeze your clotted cream or not and how many days past the expiry on your box will it be safe to use? As for the shelf life of our products, we would always recommend that our cream be consumed within the best before period to ensure the very best quality.

    Cream Tea Scones

    Apparently you freeze it if shipped abroad. You have advised another enquirer that the cream should not be frozen. Could you confirm which view is correct.

    Recipe shared by Debbie Thorpe

    Thank you, Sandra. We do freeze our clotted cream for some of our overseas customers, but we do it under special conditions with some quite fancy equipment. I going to make your recipe for cornish scones. When you refer to degrees I would like to confirm if this C or F? Thank you for this Information! Although, why not add it to the recipes directly? Or maybe put it in a standard header for all recipes?

    I was wondering about F or C too and just stumbled about the info down here in this thread. I am very much foreward to trying some. I have just baked some scones according to your recipe. Everything was all right except the cooking time which you did not mentioned. Could you give me this information? Really glad you enjoyed our scones.

    We recommend that you bake them for about 15 minutes but do watch them as this can vary from oven to oven. So you would get roughly 8 portions out of our g pot. I hope this helps. When you say 1oz of cream per person, is that per scone or are you assuming each person has 2 scones? I retire from the n. Please how much jam do you suggest per scone?

    I am serving 40 people for a birthday party. I appreciated the tip of 1oz cream per scone but now the jam!

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    I made these yesterday following a trip down to South Devon not quite reaching Cornwall- the lovely cream teas I had during my visit led me on a search for a good old recipe. UNTIL this one!!!!! Just divine, absolute perfection.

    Best-ever cream tea scones - YOU Magazine

    This recipe truly impresses. How about putting up a recipe for a proper Cornish Cream Tea??? We use Splits… Your doing a Devon Tea …which is sad as things like this,are slowly eroding the Cornish Traditional way into obscurity. I really miss my cream teas after moving to Australia, this recipe will bring back good memories!

    Just made the strawberry jam. I have never been able to make an acceptable scone-until now!!! I tried this recipe at the beginningg of the week and felt so confident that I made all the scones for our church cream teas.

    I have never had so many compliments for my cooking! I strongly recommend this recipe and coupled with jam and roddas clotted cream, it is bound to be hugely successful anywhere. Thank you so much. I have been searching for a g e s to find a wonderfull mouth melting scone ,,i will buy the ingrediants ,,and tell the truth of your recipe,,,. Hi I followed the recipe but mine are cooked on out side but not on inside cooked them gas mark 6. Can you bake this in a cast iron scone pan? The ones with the wedge shaping? Does this alter the baking temperature or cook time? Does it turn out better or worse than using a biscuit cutter?

    I tried this recipe today, and it was very good! Where could I find clotted cream in brittany? Great recipe — so easy and sooo tasty! I left them in the oven for about 17 minutes and the scones were just perfect! Thank you. This is a really easy, tasty and quick recipe. I just tried today evening and all together was maybe a half an hour. I wanted to take some scone to my family when I will go to visit them in Hungary. Dishes Pasta Soup Pie Casserole see more Everyday Freezable Batch cooking Cheap eats Leftovers see more Ingredients Fish Fruit Meat Vegetables see more Occasions Sunday lunch Dinner party Afternoon tea Easy entertaining see more Seasonal Spring Summer Autumn Winter see more Vegetarian Iron-rich Vegan Vegetarian barbecue Vegetarian party see more More recipe ideas Cheap eats Courses Slow cooker Cheap cut see more Christmas biscuits Christmas gifts Festive desserts Vegetarian Christmas see more Healthy Diet Plan Summer drinks.

    Home Recipes Not sure what to cook? Inspire me. Watch recipe video. Recipe Tip Know-how Adding a squeeze of lemon juice to the milk sours it slightly, mimicking sharp-tasting buttermilk, often used in scones but sometimes tricky to find. The slightly acidic mix gives a boost to the raising agents in the flour and baking powder. Recipe Tip Jane says Recipe Tip Towering tall For toweringly tall scones, always pat the dough out a bit thicker than you think you should.

    I say pat rather than knead because scones are essentially a sweet soda bread and, like other soda breads, will become tough when over-handled. If you like your scones with lots of juicy fruit, stir 85g plump sultanas into the mix at the same time as the sugar. Comments Questions 40 Tips 5 5. Made these yesterday. Used 6 cm cutter but still made 8 and cooked for about 13 minutes. Turned out perfectly. Best scones I have ever made.

    Great scones! Use this recipe regularly and they always turn out well. Follow the recipe exactly although sometimes make additions Always a hit! Fool-proof recipe - my "go-to" recipe anytime i need to bake for guests, clubs, cake sales etc or just family. Always works, always a hit. My tip would be to follow the recipe exactly, dont change ingredients, warm your milk, use the lemon juice and preheat your baking sheets.

    Once in the oven, dont open it again until the very end of the cooking time. I have tried this recipe twice and it didn't work. The scones didn't rise. I used wholemeal SR flour and I quartered the recipe. The dough seemed quite hard and the resulting scone was very crumbly and didn't rise at all. Is this recipe just a dud? Love love loved these scones! Followed the recipe exactly and they turned out beautifully! Best I have ever had and so easy to make. I halved this recipe as it was just for me and my husband and they turned out fantastically well!

    Actually made about three and a half scones as I only had a 6cm cutter. Also used half self raising and half plain flour but doubled the baking powder. These were so easy, used everyday store cupboard ingredients and were a great mid week pick me up! Who can prep these in 5 mins? I'd like to see a video! Thanks for your question. Yes, you can add a handful of raisins or sultanas in step 7.