The Sign of the Red Cross A Tale of Old London

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  1. The Sign of the Red Cross: A Tale of Old London
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  4. The Sign of the Red Cross a Tale of Old London by Everett Green Evelyn - AbeBooks

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Skip to Main Content. Search our website Search our records. My daughter was screaming and I was screaming. With the family she had left, Ramata fled with only the clothes on her back and two broken front teeth — she had fallen on her face while attempting to flee. The conflict in north-east Nigeria has led to huge levels of displacement as people leave their homes in search of safety.

Some have crossed borders into new countries, becoming refugees in the process. In total some 2. This criss-crossing of movement has pulled neighbouring Cameroon, Niger and Chad into the crisis, in the areas surrounding Lake Chad. These countries straddle this large, freshwater lake where communities are already reeling from the effects of climate change — the lake is shrinking and crops struggle to grow.

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Conflict, climate change and displacement have led to acute food shortages and disease. Some 6. What is happening here is sometimes referred to as the Lake Chad crisis, recognising it as a crisis that transcends borders. But there are those doing what they can to help others survive. Situated in the extreme north of Cameroon, the village has welcomed 19, people, increasing its population by 30 per cent to around 83, In fact, it is so strong that people fleeing conflict will pass many other villages to reach here. It is up to us to live up to the reputation we have and welcome them.

But as an already poor community themselves, this hospitality has come at a cost. There is now not enough food, water is scarce, hygiene is poor, and the local clinic is overstretched. Some 2, people live here in overcrowded, makeshift huts of sticks and thatch. As more arrive, the camp grows. Closer to the village is another informal camp, specifically for the most vulnerable.

The Sign of the Red Cross: A Tale of Old London

Around 80 women and children live here in similar makeshift homes. All of them lost their male relatives in the conflict — husbands, fathers, brothers and sons. This is where Ramata has settled. When she first arrived, she and her six children slept under trees for two months. Now she heads up the camp. The women share one water pump but there is no sanitation. The toilet is the desolate landscape that stretches out as far as the eye can see. Every morning, they wake up hungry. Food is in short supply. Ramata sells the firewood she collects to buy food for her and her children, but it is not enough.

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Going hungry

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Discover the First World War

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The Sign of the Red Cross a Tale of Old London by Everett Green Evelyn - AbeBooks

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