Two by Two (How to Evangelize People)

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Several divine providences had prepared the world for the advent of Christianity.

Don’t Overcomplicate Evangelism

First and foremost was the Pax Romana. One hundred years of civil wars had followed the destruction of Carthage in BC; however, under Caesar Augustus otherwise known as Octavius , a period of extensive peace was ushered in.

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In addition, in this time of peace the development of the road system went on apace. One oft-quoted inscription found in Hierapolis in Asia Minor on the tomb of a merchant records that he travelled to Rome no less than seventy-two times. He needed no passport anywhere in the Empire. The use of the Greek language also made a signal contribution to the spread of Christianity.

Personal Evangelism and Pastors: 14 Findings (part two) -

It was spoken from the Black Sea to the Bay of Biscay. This obviously made communication much easier across ethnic and tribal divides. All these have echoes in our own situation today, with the development of global technology, the widespread use of the English language, widespread travel, and the migration of peoples—all of which contribute to the expansion of the gospel in our own time. The use of the Greek language made a signal contribution to the spread of Christianity. In addition to these favourable providences, Green and Stark highlight three factors which particularly contributed to the ready expansion of the gospel, which may have implications for us today.

The Nature of the Messengers and the Message They Proclaimed The early evangelists and gossipers of the gospel were thrilled with this new message. They lived at a time when the Greek sophists had as great a power over the common people as the Reformation preachers had in their time. Their ridicule of the gods must in no small degree have prepared the way for the Christian message.

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It has been well said of the Greeks that it was not that men became so depraved that they abandoned their gods, but rather that the gods became so depraved that they were abandoned by men. In this context, the early preachers found a message that promised to deal with guilt. Greek thought had deeply impressed upon it the truth that wrongdoing must be punished.

Writers like Virgil and Seneca evidence a real sense of sin. In addition, the quest for security was even greater than the search for cleansing.

The Celtic Way of Evangelism: How Christianity Can Reach the West . . . Again

The world was a dangerous place, as we can read in the Epistles of Paul to the Romans, Galatians, and Colossians, or any of the apologists, to see how gripped people were by fear of spiritual forces which influenced their lives. The new Christian message also offered immortality, a hunger of the human heart, to which the state religion had nothing to say, and which refused to be silenced.

In addition to the fertile ground for reaching pagans, the Christian faith found acceptance most readily on Jewish soil. The spread of the Jews, their monotheism, their ethical standards, their synagogues, and their scriptures were major factors in the advancement of the Christian faith.

Flexibility in the Proclamation of the Gospel This led to evidence of flexibility in the proclamation of the gospel. Many do not understand the real world. Examples of issues not understood are difficulty in finding a job, length of time spent in the educational system which is necessary for said job, relocating for a job opportunity to some place you might not like, cost of housing, difficulty in household formation due to costs of everything and worry over job security, and a few others.

Gone are the days when houses could be bought cheaply and women had children before age 28 and could easily get a job after the kids started school. Add that to Christian colleges where everyone is insulated and life skills are not taught, where mistakes result in dismissal instead of a little community service, and mandatory religion classes where a good grade is obtained by learning the right answer not debating and discussing.

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Also of issue is chapel, where some guy gets up and tells everyone how everything they are doing is wrong. John Burke, Pastor, PhD. Thank you for sharing these findings, Dr. I pray that I can share the passion that God has given me with other brothers and sisters in Christ and play a tiny part in the sweeping movement to reverse number Number 14 was the most encouraging and while my own statistic might be somewhat lower given where I live , I have seen that the majority of people I talk to are open to talking about Jesus.

This point has actually challenged me to begin keeping a log so I can actually see what the percentage is in the Santa Monica and greater Los Angeles areas. The question is oversimplified, and has to be defined before it can be answered. Repentance is defined at least in a couple of distinct and conflicting ways, and probably more change of direction, sorrow for sins, etc. It is also good to note that belief on its own is used many, many times, which leaves those wanting repentance as a separate step in somewhat of a problem. Either a person is saved by calling or believing , but not both, as one is placed sequential to the other.

John seems to say that belief is the issue.

Luke 10 Evangelism Principles: Going out two by two

Everyone knows the real world, at least their real world. It could be said that people are not aware of the struggles outside of their own social strata. Most everyone has had to look for a job at some point, lost a loved one, struggles with bills, etc.

But it is hard to identify with people different from us, for whatever reason. It is also true that people forget how hard a time in life can be. Or more likely, we condition ourselves not to talk about the hard times.

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A complete disregard though for the problems being experienced by the younger generations has caused a lot of bitterness. Part of this is because the first thing is to blame the person for not being good enough, smart enough, not having a better resume, being inexperienced, etc. The thrust of 13 appears to be whether or not Christians are aware of what is happening outside of their Church, and the socio-political environment in which it operates?

Thanks, Mark. The reasons are probably many, but I agree that many believers are disconnected with the world of non-believers in particular. And tragically many believers are disconnected with the world of believers who are a generation or two younger.

You Can Know the Holy Spirit

Just how much difference is there between the world of young non-believers and believers? I propose that there is little to none.